Ohio is a great destination for golf! Beautiful weather from spring through fall, without the scorching heat of southern states. You’ll find Ohio’s temperatures to fluctuate between 55-85 throughout the entire golf season. With average temperatures being about 65-75 degrees. Not too hot and not too cold.


Ohio’s golf season can begin as early as late March and go well into November and even into December in mild years. However, most golfers will golf April- October.


Ohio is home to many beautiful and historic golf courses and you should travel to Ohio for your next golf destination vacation.


Ohio.Golf is an online community and directory of all golf courses in Ohio with in depth reviews of courses that we have played personally. We are slowly adding to the directory and will be growing the directory to help golfers find Ohio’s best golf courses.


We also will be adding staff reviews as we travel the great state of Ohio and test out various courses. Please see our Staff Reviews for more info. If you’d like our staff to play your course and offer a review, please use our contact form.


It’s been rather difficult finding reliable reviews and sources on Ohio’s beautiful golf scene, hence we are devoted to bringing you the best information.

Above: From The Walden Golf Course in Aurora, Ohio

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