Spuyten Duyval offers a sublime challenge

Spuyten Duyval is a very mature, wooded, challenging course. You will have to use every club in your bag. It will challenge your long game, your short game, as well as your putting. You will fall in love with the scenery.


There are only two public courses in Sylvania, Ohio and Spuyten Duyval is one of them. The only other one is next door, owned by the same family, called Cottonwood Creek. Both are extremely fun to play for different reasons. Cottonwood is a short, quick executive course. Spuyten is a longer, more challenging course.


One of our favorite holes is the 4th hole on the South Course. The back tees are across a bridge and you have to cross two creeks. It’s a dog left right, but you have to decide if you want to lay it up short, then cross the dog leg, or try to go over the woods on the right. If you can driving 340 yards, you can go all the way to the elbow of the do leg. But for most golfers, that will be very hard. Your best option is try and hit a 225 yard shot off the tee to land just in front of the second creek. Then pop it 125 yards over the woods onto the heavily protected green. Still an incredibly difficult shot, but lots of fun. Definitely the most challenging hole.


Another very challenging hole is on the same South Course hole 7. Here you have to take a 145 yard shot over a giant water feature. And it’s never easy. Most of your buddies will end up in water. The hole is challenging, because there isn’t a safe land route to take if you don’t want to go over the water. You have to go over the water.


The South course is also home to the longest hole of all of the three 9 hole courses that they have. The number 1 hole on the South course is 545 yards long and is the longest hole available. The West course has a 9th hole that matches that length at 545 yards as well. It’s a more challenging hole that requires you to cross two water features on your way to the green, but one of the water features is usually dried up.


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