Why we wear white shoes in Ohio

We only wear white golf shoes in Ohio. Not for fashion. Not for looks. Not to make a statement.

We wear white shoes so our feet can stay cool. Yes, in Ohio, the summers and the sun can get very hot on dark shoes. Black shoes, dark blue, browns, all attract and retain heat and can cause your feet and toes to really get hot.

We can only imagine how much worse this would be in more southern states. We can’t imagine how bad it would feel when the outside ambient temperature is always over 90, let alone over 100.

Here in Ohio, even with average golf temperatures being around 75 degrees, we have had issues with our feet overheating when there were no clouds.

We are very fortunate to have cooler temperatures in Ohio than most states, and we should dress appropriately to take advantage of the weather.

Make sure your shoes are also waterproof. April is full of showers and the course can be wet. Even in June, morning dew can really get your feet wet if your shoes aren’t waterproof.

We also don’t recommend wearing dark clothes either.

Our favorite shoes of all time have been FootJoy. We also like certain offerings from Under Armour and Addidas. We will review these in later posts.

When you are hitting the links, garb a pair of white shoes.

Author: Doc

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